Passionate about social justice and equity, Asante Haughton is a national award winning mental health advocate dedicated to endeavours aimed at building stronger communities. He is a peer worker, poet, thinker and speaker who believes in people, global inter-connectivity, and positive personal change.

Asante’s peer work has brought him across Canada, to the United States, Colombia and most recently, Ireland. Asante has also made noise as a two-time TEDx speaker and he was recognized by CAMH as one of the top 150 Difference Makers in mental health in Canada. Finally, Asante was featured in the most recent Bell Let’s Talk prime time documentary special.

When not trying to save the world, Asante can be found laughing at his own jokes, Netflix’ing, checking his fantasy football stats, watching cartoons, and being frustrated with Toronto sports teams. Though Asante can be pretty laid back, he is loud about his advocacy and drive for change as he aims to deliver a message of social awareness, justice, community betterment, and above all, hope.